C Fisher Photography

As a young child I recall my father sitting me on a bench next to him while developing black and white photos. I was amazed how a miracle occurred as images would appear on the photo paper while in the developing chemistry. He used to say to me that “photography was magical”.  He always managed to create that magic with his camera which amazed me.  To this day I still have images he created that are priceless memories of loved ones, places and events in my life.

My great love and passion of photography was instilled in me at that very young age. I spent time at my fathers side as he created those magical moments. I recall the feeling I had as I watched one young bride burst out in tears as she viewed the images of her wedding. The images my father had taken took her back to that wonderful night right there in her living room.

Those emotions and memories are what I capture with “artistic photography”. My goal is to create timeless memories that will stimulate and evoke the same emotions each time they are displayed. Your wedding or event will be a story in photographs to be relived  weeks, months or years later. My greatest honor is for you to be the center of the art work  hung in your home or business as a reminder of that wonderful day.

I look forward to visiting with you and hearing your own unique  story. By getting to know you and your family I can create and capture your event that is truly you!